John the Valliant

street theatre

Boka Gábor’s Theatre

John the Valliant

 The authentic story of John the Valiant told in pictures

Everyone knows the story of John the Bold, everyone remembers his adventures, or at least thinks they do. Somewhat confused, sometimes faded memories can give rise to ‘misunderstandings’, and the resulting situational comedy allows the audience to enjoy moments of hilarity. However, unexpected events do not divert the hero from his chosen path: Hansel Corn becomes a knight, defeats the giant king and even fights the bear. In the end, as in fairy tales, good is rewarded and evil is punished.

The well-known story of Sándor Petőfi, illustrated with painted tableaux. During the performance, the audience is an active participant in the play. There is a continuous dialogue between the audience and the performer. The audience’s participation allows the evocation of moods and events that move the otherwise static tableau.

🤸 Bond(oró) with us!

🥁 The sixth Bondoro is coming this year with great new attractions and a more colourful programme than ever before. 🤩 A variety of international street theatre attractions 🤹, big concerts and last but not least an unrivalled venue awaits those who visit the event in 2024, right on the shores of Lake Balaton. 🌊 In addition to a host of Hungarian performers, artists from all over the world will be joining us this year to dazzle the audience!

🤹‍ 6. Bondoró International Street Theatre Festival
2024. 06. 28 – 06.30.
Balatonalmádi – Öregpark