Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf


Majoros Ági Puppet Theatre

Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf


This time, the well-known tale is brought to life in the form of a real puppet show – the Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf. A puppeteer presents the irrefutable lesson of this old story, that the it is dangerous to stray from the right path. So he’ll tell the story obediently, while the right path.

He’ll stay on the right track, though the fragrant flowers by the roadside tempt him, He’ll not wander towards the thicket of the forest…

Well, he’s just a little tempted, just enough temptation to have the courage to tell this otherwise terribly half-true tale in such a way that the audience to laugh. And so the puppeteer opens his booth, clears his throat throat, and launches into the authentic story of Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf with such fervour, that he can then look at you. And so can you on the 29th of June in Balatonalmádi!

Played by Ági Majoros

Writer, dramaturge: Attila Szabó

Puppets: Etele Attila Kiss

Set design by Miklós Sári, Ági Majoros

Music: Szabolcs Nagy


The performance is recommended for children from 3 years of age and lasts about 45 minutes.

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