Dear Visitors! Dear guests!

As the city’s slogan says: “Together all year round”. This is even more true for summer, because if it’s summer, then it’s Lake Balaton. During the Bondoró Festival, it is especially worth visiting Almadi, but at the same time, the city and its surroundings offer many other opportunities and places to explore. Whether it’s a refreshing swim on one of the four beaches, active recreation along the viewpoints and nature, adventure parking and children’s programs, gastronomy or wine culture – in and around Balatonalmádi there are certainly all the possibilities for those who want a meaningful vacation.

We warmly recommend downloading the AlmádiApp, which provides assistance to visitors in many categories.

To get to know the town in advance, we recommend the Balatonalmá website, as well as the Balatonalmádi town Facebook and Instagram pages, where you can find out about current events affecting the life of the town.

If you have any further questions/requests, please feel free to contact us:
Zsófia Török, Bondoró Festival employee

  • Phone: +36 30 339 4330